My name is Kimberly Kelly! I started Professionally Tidy because I believe everyone deserves a clean space! Whether it's the lack of time or you need a push, some guidance, or a helping hand, we're here to help! Yes, I love to clean and even more than cleaning, I love to organize everything and anything. After years of searching for my passion as many of us do, having been asked all the questions; What are you passionate about? What's something you love doing? What do you find fun? What is something you're really good at? I feel fortunate that I found all my answers leading me to the cleaning industry. Every bit enjoyable it is rewarding! To hear the joy and relief in my clients voices and see the stress drift away in their large smile is the best feeling. Cleaning is my thing and organization is my super power. I look forward to the opportunity to bring some sparkle and order into your home or office!